In Springtime

In Sarah Blake’s epic poem of survival, we follow a nameless main character lost in the woods. There, they discover the world anew, negotiating their place among the trees and the rain and the animals. Something brought them to the woods that nearly killed them, and they’re not sure they want to live through this experience either. But the world surprises them again and again with beauty and intrigue. They come to meet a pregnant horse, a curious mouse, and a dead bird, who is set on haunting them all. Blake examines what makes us human when removed from the human world, what identity means where it is a useless thing, and how loss shapes us. In a stunning setting and with ominous dreams, In Springtime will take you into a magical world without using any magic at all—just the strangeness of the woods.

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11 and 12 in Jellyfish

20-49 in The Los Angeles Review of Books

Praise for In Springtime:

“At this dark, late hour of our planet, there is grace in the way Sarah Blake looks through the lens of different species for a better gauge of our own human lives. In Springtime is where Blake also expands our perception of wounds, ‘Injury lends a certain steadiness. Like your whole life was spent uneasy in your body.’ This new book is a brilliant, bona fide page-turner.” —CAConrad, author of AMANDA PARADISE: Resurrect Extinct Vibration

Cover design by Alban Fischer